Pathwright is the denomination’s new system for tracking LMCs, CMCs, & Deacons as they move along the Path of God’s call.
In order to start the process, the Local Mentor Pastor (pastor who recognized gifting) will need to fill out the form in the  link below, please be sure to have the LMC candidate’s email address accurate as this will be used to send them the invitation to Pathwright.
 Existing CMCs will receive their invite from the Pathwright Moderators and do not need to request an invitation. 
****Note for LMCs/CMCs PLEASE do the steps on Pathwright sequentially. When done this way there are clear instructions for each step. The courses required are the exception to sequentially following the steps, as the courses are offered through the School of Ministry or Online through the denomination and can be completed as they are offered. 
Harvest School of
For a current list of classes being offered and to register please use the link below.


Each candidate is required to provide 3 references and have them complete the Ministerial Candidate Reference form. 

State Required Clearances
All Pastors, LMCs, and CMCs are required to have ALL state required clearances done and on file at BOTH the local church & Conference office.
Please follow the link below to find out what is require in your state.
If you have questions about Pathwright, LMC/CMC Status/Progress, Requirements, or Clearances please reach out to one of the following:
Dr. Rev. Larry Bailey
Dean of School of Ministry
Pam Bailey
Director of Ministerial Candidates
Jennifer Thorn
Administrative Aide 
Dick & Boo Scholarship Fund
Looking for something more in the lines of the College or Seminary route? We can help there too! 
For more details click the link below to check out our Scholarship brochure and get access to the application.