Pathwright is the denominations new system for tracking LMCs, CMCs, & Deacons as they move along the Path of God’s call.
In order to start the process, the Local Mentor Pastor (pastor who recognized gifting) will need to fill out the form in the  link below, please be sure to have the LMC candidate’s email address accurate as this will be used to send them the invitation to Pathwright. CMCs will receive their invite from the Pathwright Moderators and do not need to request an invitation. 

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If you wish to become a part of our church in a ministerial position here is the first step.

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To continue with this process towards either a LMC or CMC we must have you complete a credit check, as well as meet state required clearances.


Each candidate is required to provide 3 references and have them complete the Ministerial Candidate Reference form. 


As a candidate for ministry we require you complete several assessments, links to the necessary documents are provided.
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As part of our walk with the Lord, our spiritual and educational growth is essential. Provided here are links to required courses and our School of Ministry. 


If married it may also be required to have your spouse complete a questionnaire.
The River Conference has partnered with Asbury Theological Seminary 
to offer required courses in addition to what is available through the 
Harvest School of Ministry.
Classes begin August 29, 2022, and include:
FM History and Polity, Wesleyan Theology, Church Administration, Homiletics & Hermeneutics, and Pastoral Counseling & Self-Care
Cost is $1,000 for all 5 courses, registration ends August 1, 2022.
For a scholarship application or further details contact or simply visit their website