Pastor’s Team Retreat: Building the Team


Friday, Sept. 24 (starts at 1 pm) through Saturday, Sept. 25 (ends at noon)!



Hampton Inn and Suites & Loft Conference Center, 325 Granville Square, Morgantown, WV 2650



Personal Break Through


Our Speaker:

Rev. R J Rushik, Director of Strategic Alignment for the Church Development Network, Acts 12:24 Conference. RJ was the founder and pastor of Storehouse Church and is a Certified BreakThru Leader and ChurchUnique coach.

Please fill out the registration form and have your church treasurer make out a check to The Harvest Conference and send it to the Conference Office. On the brochure, it says “Number and names are due to the hotel”. That means the conference office has to turn them in. You shouldn’t.

Remember the due date for registering is August 16th. Please have it returned with your check by then. Click the link below for a print out of the registration and a brochure with the schedule of events.
Harvest Conference Ladies Day Retreat
Saturday, October 9, 2021
Doors Open @ 9:30am-3:30pm
Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, Mt. Pleasant, PA
Jesus is the Anchor of my Soul


Keynote Speaker:

Rev. Dr. Kristen Marble

Kristen, an ordained elder with the Free Methodist Church, is the Pastor of West Morris Free Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. She chairs the Free Methodist African Immigrant Ministries.
Enjoy the day in casual dress style and be prepared for the weather of the day. Don’t forget your Bible, a pen and notebook to jot down those important gems that will help keep you anchored tightly to Jesus! Please remember to bring items with you for the auction to help support our missions project, this year called “Period Solutions”, and help defray the cost of Retreat. Please see the Auction Letter below for more details. Gift baskets and holiday décor are always a great hit! And thank you in advance!
Please Mail Registrations to:
Marlene McRoberts
820 Walnut St.
Rochester, PA 15074
The Conference Christmas Dinner
 Friday, December 3rd
Location: Diamond Ballroom in Uniontown, PA. 
More information to follow check back for more details!